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NFTs: New technology or fraud?

By Akhil Gunasekaran Staff Editor Pull out a one-dollar bill from your wallet, and analyze it closely. What if you could see every past owner of this one-dollar bill, even down to the origin of its chemical composition? Now, what if the value of this one-dollar bill changed depending on its trade volume and faith? What you have just discovered

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Summit Denali students discuss the impact of technology on music

By Caelum Villarreal Staff Writer During Self-Directed Learning time at Summit Denali high school, classrooms are often filled with students typing away on Chromebooks and working on recent assignments. However, a closer look will show most students have earbuds in and are listening to music, either on their phone or their computer.  With the increase of phones and streaming apps,

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Smut and porn are equally as damaging

By Alex Diaz Arts Editor What are porn addictions? The direct answer is an addiction to sexual visual media often in video form. Many times porn videos are directed towards men and depict harmful and stereotypical acts, especially with its treatment of women in the industry. However, another form of porn has taken rise targeted towards women and in the

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Summit Public Schools continues contract negotiations with teacher union

Unite Summit Poster

By Evelyn Archibald Shasta Editor-in-Chief Summit Public Schools (SPS), a public charter system based primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, has yet to settle a complete first contract with Unite Summit, the SPS teachers’ union, after nearly two years of negotiations. Unite Summit(US), as a charter union, is also partnered with the California Teachers’ Association (CTA) and the National

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