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Intrapreneurship allows students to be creative

By Sophia Woehl  Staff Writer In the Intrapreneurship Expeditions course, students have the opportunity to learn how creativity can be used in business. Students work to become intrapreneurs by finding problems within companies and thinking of innovative solutions. Students go on field trips to for-profit and nonprofit organizations where they identify problems and then work to help the companies. Danica

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Shasta Art Expeditions impacts the lives of students

By Kalysta Frost and Sophia Woehl Staff Writers Here at Summit Public Schools: Shasta, the Intermediate Visual Arts and the Intro to Visual Arts teacher is Meridith Burchiel, and the Intro to Video Production teacher is Vincent Nelson. In these classes, students work on making videos, scripts, drawings, paintings and being creative. Summit Public Schools has six different art and

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