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Community brings together athletes of typically solo sport

By Shawn Wilson Staff Editor When a typical Everest student thinks of their school, rows of students staring at computers probably comes to mind. However, sports are still an integral part of the school’s community, and students who participate enjoy the sense of community they feel from being a part of a team. I interviewed three people at Everest, two

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Students show creativity in Expeditions

By Shawn Wilson Staff Writer Art is all about expression and personality, something the students taking arts Expeditions courses at Everest Public High School showed during Everest’s Celebration of Learning. Visual Arts Students in the Visual Arts course were tasked with creating art pieces that represented themselves and their own interpretation of an image. The students all created a picture

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Members give a look into an unknown but tight-knit community

By Shawn Wilson Staff Writer The crowd leans forward in their seats. Waiting in anticipation, with bated breath, as the game’s conclusion creeps closer. A final play is met with a chorus of cheers as the champion leaps into the air, the rush of exhilaration and adrenaline released as pure emotion. Your thoughts might spring to basketball or football, perhaps

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