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Modern Acting and Theatre teaches the profession of acting

By Joshua Rivera Staff Writer Modern Acting and Theatre is a different experience compared to the introductory drama course. The advanced course teaches students the techniques and emotions of acting: it’s a college-level course meant to prepare students for the acting world. Ran by the production company Estronemicas, the drama course is a chance for aspiring actors to show the

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LGBTQ members of the Tahoma community find inconsistent support

By Erick Godinez, Kaitlyn Kelley and Joshua Rivera  Staff Writers  At Summit Tahoma, the Human Sexuality Expeditions course put up posters around the campus saying, “Be Yourself Out Loud And Proud,” “The Heart Wants What It Wants” and more encouraging words. Rebecca Breuer, the Human Sexuality teacher, talked about the inspiration behind these posters. She explained that the project was

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