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Intermediate Visual Arts lets students draw on their creative thinking

By Noel Cintron and Parker Liefson Staff Writers    Many people are challenged by stress and anxiety; Intermediate Visual Arts helps them deal with these issues as they express their creativity. The Intermediate Visual Arts course is a class taught by Mathew Scicluna. The purpose of this class is for students to express themselves by making art. The students who

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Expeditions classes work together to make a community

By Gabriel Benyamin, Noel Cintron and Vaibhav Gopal  Staff Writers  Video Production is an Expeditions class that works on filming and acting. Vince Nelson teaches the students how to use cameras, how to work the lights and how to act. Students also learn how to record on camera. Video Production class involves directors to run the skit, filmmakers to film

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Tahoma journalism students use Twitter to share their voices

By Noel William Cintron Staff Writer   Journalism students at Summit Public School: Tahoma are using Twitter during warmups to inform themselves about the world. What the students do on Twitter is see what professional journalists and politicians are posting and then retweet or comment on those tweets in order to share their thoughts. Here’s what some of those journalism students

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