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Denali teacher recalls her journey to becoming a teacher

By Nihitha Palacherla Staff Writer Ms. Albassam enjoys teaching students, but she faces a challenge in online learning. In the past year, schools have shifted in-person classes to online school. Many students feel stressed and anxious to be back to in-person classes, but have you wondered what teaching online is like for teachers at Summit Denali? Denali Biology teacher Lobna

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Global warming in 2020: the drastic impacts of climate change continue to rise

By Shivani Bhattacharjya and Nihitha Palacherla  Staff Writers Global Warming has been impacting our planet for many years. But in recent studies of the year 2020, many sources say that we are on track for this to be the warmest year on record since the mid-1800s.  According to the website, World Economic Forum, the writers warn readers of record global

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