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Experts offer strategies to be more culturally aware

By Micah Tam Staff Writer Though America is usually referred to as a “melting pot” of different races, cultures and ethnicities, cultural ignorance is widespread. According to Chimes, Biola University’s student-run newspaper, “America continues to struggle with cultural ignorance. Some national pride is useful, but too many people take this pride beyond proper proportion and forget that America is only

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Teachers observe #ADayWithoutAWoman as part of International Women’s Day

By Micah Tam Staff Writer On March 8, not only was it International Women’s Day, it was also the observation of the #ADayWithoutAWoman protest, which acted as an extension of the #ADayWithoutAnImmigrant protest. On this day, women all over the world struck to show how the absence of women would impact society and the economy. Among the women who chose

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