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Holocaust and Genocide Expeditions students share their experiences

By Micah Tam Staff Editor In honor of Celebration of Learning, Summit Prep senior Milo Kemper and Summit Prep sophomore Adam Graziani imparted their personal views of the impact their Holocaust and Genocide class has had on them. In the Holocaust and Genocide class, students learn in-depth about different aspects of the Holocaust and about genocides that occur around the

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Teen Advisory Board gives local teens a voice in their community

By Kenneth John Catimbang, Kristian Bekele and Micah Tam Staff Writers In media and society, teenagers are often portrayed as lazy, defiant or disruptive (the list goes on.) However, there’s a group of teenagers in Redwood City who challenge that exact idea. Once a month, the Teen Advisory Board meets up at the Red Morton Community Center. Teenagers from all over

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Prep students showcase the real-world skills they’ve learned during Expeditions

By Micah Tam Staff Writer  On May 25, Summit Preparatory Charter High School had a Celebration of Learning in which students got the chance to exhibit the life skills they acquired during Expeditions. Among the selection of Expedition courses that offer different learning opportunities from content knowledge to the arts, there are also courses that teach life skills that benefit

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