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Morally grey characters walk the fine line between good and evil

By Ella Rodrigues and McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writers   In a world where our actions are placed in carefully crafted boxes of good and evil, there lies a special kind of character. Carefully balanced in between the spaces is someone who is morally grey. A morally grey character walks the thin line between hero and villain, and questions societal norms

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“West Side Story” is as relevant today as it was in 1961

By McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writer   Recently I watched West Side Story again for the first time in a while. Behind the dramatic romance and energetic dance numbers, I noticed that the movie presented certain truths about society. Watching the classic, I realized just how little has changed since its release in 1961. The most notable takeaways from the Hollywood

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Special Education Teachers want to instill positivity and confidence

By McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writer Hillary Odom and Emily Ryan, special education teachers at Summit Shasta, are a vital part of the staff as part of the Supporting Diverse Learners department. However, many might not fully understand the role they play in our community.  When asked about her role at Shasta, Ms. Odom, originally from Orange County, explained that she

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