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Why is the #MeToo movement so important?

By Kai Lock and Ethan Sheppy Staff Writers It seems now that #MeToo has been the topic of conversation for many months now, especially in the entertainment industry.  It has been showcased in several award shows, influencing things like speeches and wardrobe. High-profile men in the industry continue to face fallout from the movement toward accountability and transparency.  More and

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Students practice different aspects of filmmaking

By Jon Garvin and Kai Lock Staff Editors Acting, screenwriting, directing and many more tools are taught to students in the Intro to Video Production course, which is offered by the Summit Expeditions team. Students who take the course learn different parts of filmmaking. Vincent Nelson, the Intro to Video Production teacher, explained: “In my class, we make short films.

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Summit Prep goes camping

By Jon Garvin and Kai Lock  Multimedia Editors On Aug. 28 and Aug. 29, the Summit Prep faculty and students left campus for their annual camping trip. The purpose of this camping trip is to build relationships between students, as well as continuing to strengthen their relationship with their mentor and other teachers. During this annual camping trip students play

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