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PHOTO ESSAY: Community members advocate for equality in the Women's March

By Judy Ly Rainier Editor-in-Chief Unlike any other casual Saturday, thousands of people were connected with the same value: equality. After gathering at San Jose City Hall, families and friends make their way through Downtown San Jose for the Women’s March: Our Power Counts. Poster: “Save our democracy. I’m in the Senate.” After going by “accident” last year, Michaela Motch

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Representation in the classroom empowers students

By Judy Ly Rainier Editor-in-Chief People of color or marginalized people are rarely discussed in-depth in the history textbooks. We know of Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez, but not many more names come to mind; not because more historical figures of color don’t exist, but rather because they aren’t taught in class as a requirement. Ethnic Studies is

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Students flew to New York for their first Model United Nations conference

 By Judy Ly and Karla Tran Staff Writers  When they arrived in New York City, Rainier students experienced the culture shock of the Big Apple: tall buildings, glowing billboards plastered with advertisements and yellow taxi cabs. After landing in the late evening, the Rainier Model United Nations conference participants had their very first taste of NYC pizza. The next day,

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Filling the gap of representation through art

 By Judy Ly  Rainier Editor-in-Chief For this Expeditions round of Ethnic Studies, students studied the portrayal of people of non-dominant backgrounds in media. From music video to films to even personal poetry, Expeditions teacher Angel Barragan showcased the representation and misrepresentation of Latinos, Asians, Native Americans and African Americans. In an interview with Mr. Barragan, he said he came from

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Summit Rainier now offers Ethnic Studies as a course

By Judy Ly Staff Writer  Summit Public Schools has been open for 15 years, and this is the first time the course Ethnic Studies has ever been offered at the Summit Public School: Rainier campus in Eastside San Jose.  Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum that teaches about other ethnicities’ significant social impact on U.S. history.  Here at Summit Rainier, we welcome

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