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Cupertino Union School District Board President Lori Cunningham visits Summit Denali

By Evangeline Si Denali Opinion Editor Cupertino Union School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees President Lori Cunningham believes that school districts play an important role in supporting diversity and developing students’ soft skills. On Jan. 13, she spoke with Summit News student journalists, giving students insight on the school board and her perspective on diversity in schools, high rates of

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Adulting 101 teaches students independence

By Kyle Kobetsky and Evangeline SiStaff Writers Most schools leave students unqualified for their adulthood, but the Expeditions course Adulting 101 explores how to prepare students for the near future. The course focuses on increasing students’ well-being and ensuring they are able to develop the skills necessary to live alone. “In Adulting, I teach five areas of well-being that have

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Intro to Psychology class identifies the science behind human behaviors

By Kyle Kobetsky and Evangeline Si Staff Writers If you’ve ever wondered why your favorite TV show character acts and talks the way they do, the Intro to Psychology Expeditions course covers exactly that. In the Intro to Psychology course, students choose a fictional character and analyze their behaviors and personalities. “We got to study the psychology of our favorite

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