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Students learn how to take photographs

By Emily Aviles and Brisbonnie Topete

Staff Writers

Photography. When you hear that word, you think of images: beautiful, artsy images. We think of photography as an art form where you need to have patience and a good eye.

One student in the Photography Expeditions course at Everest Public High School said, “I want to do this when I am older because I have always had a passion for taking good photographs.”

The course was held off campus at the local Boys & Girls Club.

See below for a video about this course:

Girls on the Run tries to empower women

By Emily Aviles and Brisbonnie Topete Figueroa 

Staff Writers

Girls on the Run is a community of girls which aims to encourage young teen girls to develop self-respect and healthy lifestyles.

According to Expeditions teacher Brooke Hein, her goal is to ”bring the girls together and build leadership in the community and create a space where girls can talk about common issues they are facing.”

Everest freshman Christy Pilch said Girls on the Run will help her in the future by “encouraging other girls to exercise and to be appreciative of their body no matter what other people say.”

See below for a video about the course: