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Rainier students reflect back on memories made

By Deandra Han and Jennifer Rico Staff Editors Summit Rainier is set to close this upcoming summer. With its closure nearing, students and staff are feeling many emotions. Students will have to move schools and continue without their friends, mentor and mentor groups. Meanwhile, Rainier staff has to look for new jobs and potentially move to receive different opportunities.  To

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The lack of women in administration at Rainier affects the community

By Deandra Han, Jennifer Rico, Charlie Stattion, Karla Tran and Jasmine Villegas  Staff Editors  Changes have occurred in Rainier’s culture and community compared to the previous school year. More specifically, due to the changes in staff, the school has now has a predominantly male administration; as a result, issues have arisen regarding the current amount of female representation.  In the

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Bilingual education enriches the community

By Deandra Han, Khanh Nguyen, Charlie Stattion and Jasmine Villegas Staff Writers In the learning environment of a bilingual classroom, students are surrounded by many colorful resources in both English and Spanish. When you enter Wendy Alcantar’s second grade classroom at Adelante Academy, you notice that students are provided books in both languages. Along the edge of the class there

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