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Helena Henkin keeps exploring life

Albert Chang-Yoo Shasta Editor-In-Chief Helena Henkin, one of the newest members of the Summit Learning Teacher Residency program, was just 15 when she spent her summer traveling solo across Europe. For Ms. Henkin that was merely just the start of her journey. “I just really wanted to visit these countries … in Europe it’s pretty normal,” she stated nonchalantly.  Ms.

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Nature is a place of tranquility during hectic times

By Albert Chang-Yoo Staff Editor Isolating at home, either by yourself or with family, can be extremely challenging. Now, more than ever, it’s extremely important to make sure we take a break from the stress of life.  Being in nature has routinely been proven to stimulate mental health and reduce anxiety. I know not everyone lives near green spaces, but

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“Parasite” winning at the Oscars is an important landmark for cinema

By Albert Chang-Yoo Staff Writer In my opinion, the Oscars have become increasingly stale within the past years. It’s not only the fact that the awards show consistently tops the three-hour mark (the 2018 Oscars had a runtime of three hours and fifty-four minutes), but the fact that diversity has been sorely lacking in past years. In a sudden turn

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Shasta community sympathizes with Rainier regarding their upcoming closure

By Albert Chang-Yoo and Ethaniel Reyes Staff Editors Recently, news of Rainier’s upcoming closure stirred up conversation within members of Summit Public Schools. Teachers and students from Summit Shasta shared their opinions about the closure, and many felt surprise from the sudden announcement as well as disappointment in the lack of transparency from Summit.  What are the teachers’ thoughts?  Most

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Summit Shasta supports students after threat

By Albert Chang-Yoo and Melissa Domingo Staff Editors On Wednesday night, the Shasta administration was informed of an Instagram post that contained threats of violence against students. The owner of the account, a Shasta student, later claimed that the post was a joke. However, the administration took steps to ensure student safety on campus. Throughout the school day on Thursday,

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Creative Writing course opens the imagination

By Albert Chang-Yoo Staff Writer The Creative Writing as Performance Expeditions course at Summit Shasta has explored poetry writing, perspective shifting and storytelling in the course of a single year. Students have the opportunity to freely express themselves through short stories and poems. The course was taught by Elizabeth DeOrnellas for the 2018-19 school year. During the 2019-20 school year,

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