Summit Public Schools students have the opportunity to enroll in two Expeditions classes per year. These immersive elective classes meet four times a year for two-week cycles. For the 2021-22 school year, the journalism class is being offered at three sites: Summit Denali, Summit Everest, Summit Prep and Summit Tahoma. We have reporters working hard to cover the rest of our SPS campuses in California, including teams from K2 and Shasta!

Summit News won six awards at the 2020 Journalism Education Association of Northern California annual contest (see the full list of winners here).

The 2021 award-winning stories included:

*News Story: Shasta Editor-in-Chief Evelyn Archibald’s article on Summit Public School’s faculty-wide salary freeze won second place

*Profile Feature Story: This article featuring a Summit Chemistry teacher’s experiences in the field of education was recognized.

*Sports News Video: This video featuring an interview on Summit Sports reopening was recognized.

The full list of awards for the 2021 JEANC contest can be seen here. Summit News also won four awards at the 2019 JEANC contest (see the full list of winners here) and five awards at the 2018 JEANC contest (see the full list of winners here).

This 2021-22 school year, Summit News welcomes Christina Uriarte-Garcia as the new teacher advisor and Angela Hwang as the student advisor.

If you would like one of your submissions removed from the website, please fill out tinyurl.com/SubmissionRemovalRequest or contact Angela at ahwang.de@mysummitps.org.

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