Prom volunteers reflect on their experience

By William Giblin and Ariana Perez

Staff Writers

After more than two years with no proms, Summit Denali, Summit Everest and Summit Prep held a joint prom on Friday, May 13. The event was held at Guildhouse in downtown San Jose. More than 300 students attended. 

Behind the glitz and glamour of the event, there was one side of prom that not many saw: those who helped set up the event. Specifically, the six sophomores from Summit Denali who volunteered to help set up and run the event. 

Although these volunteers were aware that they would be helping with the event, not all of them knew the extent to which they would be helping. David Pilling, a sophomore at Summit Denali, said he was asked to “set up and decorate” and then was then asked for further help, such as helping run a coat check for the guests.

A current sophomore at Summit Denali and member of the Summit prom committee, Kaitlin Briones, believes prom was a helpful experience. Briones said her role in prom helped her learn how to reach out and says this could be useful for the future. “It helped gain more experience in setting up events and reaching out,” she said. “For example, I had to read out to the DJ and vendors so that might be something that could be used in the future.” 

Similar to Briones, Pilling discussed how his experience benefitted him. He also had a lot to say about his experience at prom. Pilling overall had a beneficial experience, saying, “It was fun. Even though we were working at the time, it was still fun.”

Although he had a good time at prom, when asked about what he would change about his experience, Pilling said, “I wish we could’ve gotten more time beforehand to prepare and so if we had time beforehand, we could’ve done better.” 

Although some felt as though the event could have been organized better, overall, it seems as though the volunteers had an overall positive experience at prom: “For what I did, I felt somewhat satisfied,” said Charlie Moore, a sophomore at Summit Denali. “I enjoyed it a lot and had a lot of fun. I could’ve helped more, but what’s done is done and I was told to have a good time.”

Even though the volunteers believed that there could have been many improvements, they all had a positive experience. When asked whether Moore would recommend volunteering to someone, he said, “Yeah I would. It was fun. Even though we were working at the time, it was still fun.” It seems as though this was a sentiment shared by some of the other volunteers. 

In general, although the 2022 joint prom between Summit Denali, Summit Everest and Summit Prep could have been improved in many ways, it seems as though it was overall a beneficial experience for volunteers and attendees alike.

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