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Angel Barragan, the new Executive Director of Summit Everest Public High School in 2022

Everest Executive Director decides to leave after years

By Jose Cuevas-Quezada

Staff Writer

Jimmy Zuniga has decided to retire from his position as Executive Director of Everest Public High School; he will be replaced by Angel Barragan. Mr. Zuniga has led the school since 2019.

“I’ve loved being principal but I always knew that I would only be principal for about 4 years since it is a very difficult job,” Mr. Zuniga said regarding his reasons for stepping down. “But I feel like I’ve learned a lot about myself these last few years and things I want to do.”

He supports Mr. Barragan as the new Executive Director. He said, “I hope that he feels supported by everyone around him and that he knows how much we believe in his abilities and his vision for the school.”

Mr. Barragan is a graduate of Summit Preparatory and the San Francisco State University with a Master’s degree and has had experience at Everest Public High School before. He has been the dean of culture and is in charge of the school’s Expeditions classes. 

With Mr. Barragan taking over the position of Executive Director, it is certain that there will be many changes taking place starting soon. Many are wondering how these plans will shape the Everest campus as a school in the near future since the end of the school year is approaching real fast. 

Mr. Barragan already has some plans in mind for once he is in the position. ”I think I want to talk to the faculty and the students about what they would like to see,” Mr. Barragan said. “I want to have more Latinx and different cultures around the school in general.”

Students all over the campus have mixed emotions about how Everest will change.

Though Mr. Zuniga is stepping down, Mr. Barragan has great things ahead for the Everest Public Highschool. “I’m not sure yet but I’m pretty confident,” Mr. Barragon said. “And I like the students here and hopefully, we’re able to maintain the relationships here.”

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