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Full shot of the Champions League trophy taken by The Guardian

Champions League: The basics and rundown in history

By Saul Hernandez

Student Contributor

The champions league is a European tournament that is played by the best teams in Europe. The tournament consists of a group stage then the winners go into a round of 16.  From there they go to the quarter-finals and so on.

Champions League: Modus Operandi to the Finals

In order for teams to qualify to enter the tournament, they first have to get top four in their own country’s league by the end of the year. A win for a team is three points and a draw is one point while losing gets them nothing.

After about 38 weeks of the country’s leagues they end the season and whoever finished in the top four gets to enter the group stage in the Champions League next season.

Group Stage Draw graphics

The group stage gets four teams randomly drawn into them. There are eight group stages, six matches are played with every team, and whoever comes up top two goes to the round of 16. The third-place goes to a lower tournament called the Europa league and fourth place doesn’t go to either.

Teams that make it to the round of 16 then continue the journey in an attempt of becoming champions

The round of 16 quarter-finals and semifinals all consist of two games where the team with the most goals wins. If they tie the teams go into a penalty shoot-out in the second game.

The Final, the most awaited match of the tournament has arrived. The Final consists of the two teams who have battled their way through the tournament and have succeeded in arriving at where they are.

The final of the champions league is played in a stadium that was picked out before the tournament started. The winners of the final are now claimed the victor of Europe and are given the champions league trophy.

Club World Cup: Battle of the Champs

Winners of the Champions League are entered into the final part of the journey which is called the Club World Cup.

The club world cup is played by European, Asia, Oceania, Africa, North and South American champions.

The Asian, African, Oceania, North and South American champions battle it out to reach the final where they then face the European champions in the final, and whoever comes out victorious are the champions of the world.

Champions League: The Founding Fathers

The Champions league originated in Paris when two people named Gabriel Hanot and Jacques Ferran came up with the idea of starting a European Cup.

The original name of the Champions League was called the European Cup. The first-ever winner of the cup is a Spanish team called Real Madrid. Since then winners of the cup have been pretty diverse for the most part.

Current Champions League Winners

The current Champions League winner is the English team called Chelsea. They recently also became the winners of the Club World Cup.

Chelsea won after a final game against Manchester City where they were able to beat them 1-0. They also became the champions of the world after beating the South American champions.

Awards for winning the Champions League

The award for winning the champions league is mostly receiving the champions league trophy.

The club also receives a total of 85 million euros which they can further use for any club need in the future. The champions league win is also placed in the record of the club as they try to become better.

Past Champions League Winners

The most successful club in Champions League history is once again the Spanish club called Real Madrid. They hold the record for most champions league wins which is 13 titles. Behind them is an Italian club called AC Milan with seven titles. A total of 22 clubs have achieved the goal of being champions league winners.

Much like other sports, the Champions League promotes camaraderie between fans of these teams which is the essential goal of playing sports: Unity in winning, acceptance in defeat.

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