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Korean corn dogs are surprisingly delicious

By Diana Morales

Staff Writer

Korean corn dogs originated in South Korea and gained popularity throughout the 1980s as Korean street food. A hot dog is coated in sweet flour batter and the inside will usually have mozzarella cheese, sausage or both. It’s a very tasty, crunchy and gooey snack. 

Korean corn dogs started trending all over social media a couple of years ago and I was very curious about what the hype was about. People would post this crunchy and cheesy-looking corn dog, topped with ketchup, mustard and mayo. The corn dogs had mozzarella cheese and there were different ones with pieces of potatoes on them.

The first one I went to was recommended by a friend. In Cupertino, “Myungrang Hot Dog” is a small restaurant that only has take-out. When I went, I noticed it was a very chill and nice atmosphere. 

Korean corn dog filled with cheese PHOTO CREDIT: Shutterstock

There was a long line but as I waited, I looked over the menu. What I can say about the prices is that they are very affordable. A mozzarella corn dog was five dollars and an original with just sausage was only three dollars! 

If you wanted mozzarella and sausage it was four dollars, and adding the potato topping was six dollars.  You could add cheddar cheese to the corn dog instead of mozzarella or do mozzarella and cheddar. There was an interesting corn dog that used squid ink to make the batter black.

There were two rice cake options, a rice cake corn dog and a spicy rice cake cup. The line wasn’t too long, I only waited around five minutes. When I approached the staff to order, they were very friendly and welcoming. 

I ordered an all-mozzarella corn dog, a potato mozzarella-sausage corn dog and a spicy rice cake cup. The total was about 20 dollars. The service was fast and when I went to pick up the corn dogs, I was offered different sauces and/or sugar. Just by looking at the corn dogs, I could tell they were very crunchy and tasty.

My mozzarella corn dog had ketchup and mustard while the potato one was topped with sugar. Since the restaurant is only a take-out place, there isn’t any indoor seating but there are tables outside where you could eat.

Battered fried hot dogs are popular street food in Korea PHOTO CREDIT: iStock

The mozzarella corn dog was tasty and crunchy as expected, the mozzarella cheese melted nicely. The mozzarella cheese itself had a lot of flavor and the sauces made it even better! The potato corn dog was also delicious, it had a hint of sugar and the sausage-mozzarella combo was everything!

The spicy rice cake cup was this red thick sauce with little pieces of rice cakes. The cakes were filled with flavor, it was like fireworks in my mouth. It was perfect, not too spicy, not too mild. The rice cakes alone were chewy and soft. 

Overall, I would rate “Myungrang Hot Dog” five stars because it’s in a great location, has a very friendly staff and atmosphere, while the corn dogs are freshly made, cheap, and tasty. If you want to try something new, I would recommend trying Korean corn dogs!

Featured Image (at the top of the post): Corn dog stand in Korea PHOTO CREDIT: iStock

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