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Summit Denali students choose skateboarding

By Jennifer Curry

Staff Writer

Skateboards like these are common in the skating community PHOTO CREDIT: khoauynh on Pixabay

Summit Denali sophomore Liel Zapesotsky said, “Skateboarding is the light of my life.” Skateboarding is such a big interest for so many people everywhere. This includes many students at Summit Denali.

Summit Denali sophomore Jacob Mendez said, “Skating is a reliable method of transportation and a good way to exercise,” meaning this can be a very favored activity for students. Skateboards come in a variety of different types, sizes, and colors, so everybody has a different experience. I asked many students who skateboard what their experience has been like. Here’s what some of our students think about skateboarding.

Summit Denali sophomore Jacob Mendez said, “It’s something fun to do” and “it helps me enjoy exercise more”. Many students also use skateboarding as a workout like Mendez. 

Since there are different parts of skateboarding, Mendez performs tricks on his skateboard (ollie, kickflip, etc.). He said his favorite part of skateboarding “is landing tricks for the first time. It is really gratifying to have practiced for a long time and finally land it right.” 

Another student had a different opinion. Summit Denali sophomore Damian Escamilla has a different favorite part of skating. His is going fast because it gives him an adrenaline rush. 

As skateboarding has a physical impact, it also has a mental/emotional impact as well. Many people use skateboarding as a way to meet new people and make friends. Mendez likes to make friends at the skatepark while Escamilla has made friends at school through this activity. 

Escamilla shared one of his personal experiences in an interview: “I met one of my good friends, Liel Zapesotsky, through skateboarding. I noticed that we both skated and that was a big part of how we bonded as friends.” 

Zapesotsky agreed with Escamilla: “It can definitely help people bond when they have something in common, in this case, a common interest.” 

Summit Denali sophomore Damian Escamilla PHOTO CREDIT: Jennifer Curry

Skateparks are a big part of skateboarding, though some skaters prefer to skate in a public space, like a park. This is regarded in the skating community as ‘street’ – finding natural obstacles and materials that you can incorporate into skateboarding. They enjoy this because it “gets you noticed” and is “self-esteem boosting.”

Escamilla also addressed the dangerous part of skateboarding.  He regarded this with a very positive outlook: “Something about falling and being able to get back up is really nice.” He believes improving constantly and learning from your mistakes is a big part of skateboarding. 

Everyone also has a first-time skateboarding experience: Mendez was being at a friend’s house, on his penny board. Escamilla’s started just because he was simply bored.

Skateboards are one of the main objects in skateparks PHOTO CREDIT: Raw Pixel

Their first skating experience was because of their brother. They remember seeing their brother skateboarding and wanting a part in it too. They originally started skateboarding because of competition: “I wanted to be better than my brother.”

Many Summit Denali students, and people all over the world, enjoy the experience of skateboarding. There is a large community because of this activity that creates friends, job opportunities, and social media stance. As Zapesotsky said,  “I am a huge fan of skateboarding, and would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a lot of fun.”

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