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A cosplayer of Elsa throws fake snow, recreating Elsa's powers PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons, Stefan Schubert

Frozen encourages kids to be themselves

By Cooper Afendakis, Meiru Chen, Sophia Garcia and Karissa Tsang

Staff Writers

“Frozen” is a kids’ movie rated PG that spans 1 hour and 42 minutes. “Frozen” was one of the most popular kids’ movies of 2013 and directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, starring Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, and Josh Gad as Olaf. 

A cosplayer of Anna posing on a painted snow hill PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons, William Crochot

“Frozen” follows Elsa, the main character, Anna, her sister, Kristoff (voiced by Jonathan Groff), Anna’s boyfriend, and Olaf. This snowman and Kristoff follow Anna to find her sister, who runs away. Elsa has the power of making ice with her hands; she has tried to hide it over the years: in the song “Do you want to build a snowman” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Robert Lopez shows how Elsa had hidden her power from her sister Anna when they were growing up.

Elsa gets frustrated with her sister when she asks for her blessing to marry Prince Hans (voiced by Santino Fontana) because she just met him, and she is asking a lot of questions about the marriage. She wondered if Hans’s 12 brothers could stay at the castle; this frustrated Elsa.

Elsa gets mad and overwhelmed; Anna escalates the fight, saying, “All you know is how to shut people out.” Anna steals her glove and adds that she can’t live like this anymore. Elsa responds, saying, “Then maybe you should leave.” 

Anna keeps poking Elsa, and Elsa finally goes crazy: she makes an ice wall because Anna took her glove off earlier, which blocks her powers. This causes people to think Elsa is a monster using witchcraft, and she runs away. After she runs, she learns how to express herself and her true powers without anyone else judging her. In the significant scene where Elsa sings, “Let It Go”, she uses her powers to do good and make a castle out of ice instead of threatening or using it with anger.

A cosplayer of Elsa throws fake snow, recreating Elsa’s powers PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons, Stefan Schubert

Anna, Olaf and Kristoff go out and try to find her. (This is one thing I like about this movie; there are two sides to the story, Elsa and Anna’s side. It shows how both of them become closer and closer to each other and gives the viewer a good perspective of where the story is.)

They walk through snow and treacherous terrain to find Elsa until they stumble upon a beautiful ice castle. They walk up into the castle, Anna calling out for Elsa. Elsa comes out of her room and calls Anna’s name scaring her. 

Anna starts moving closer to Elsa, and Elsa backs up, telling Anna that she does not belong in her castle; she belongs at home. Olaf walks out and Elsa remembers building him and hurting Anna with her powers. She becomes afraid of that happening again and tells her to go home. 

After some singing, Ana says that Arendell is in deep snow. The journey continues with a lot more action and more fights. But in the end, Anna freezes and Elsa gives Anna a hug that melts Anna and gets rid of the snow in the village, saving the people!

A cosplayer of Anna holding a plush Olaf from the movie PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons, RyC

This movie’s strength comes in when trying to get its point across; telling kids to be who they are, to let it go means to finally accept who you are instead of hiding it, you let it go and embrace you. This shows when Elsa is in her “Frozen” castle singing the song “Let It Go.” She is using her powers freely without worry and expressing how she feels. This shows children to express themselves too. 

This movie shows that you should not hide who you are. You should be who you are and express yourself for who you are. You should also be proud of yourself and not let anyone change that part of you. “Frozen” shows you can use yourself for good even though not everyone might accept you. I think “Frozen” does an excellent job at achieving its purpose with its music, characters, and plot. “Let it Go” is the main song that shows Elsa becoming who she is and using her power. I believe the main message of “Frozen” is to express yourself as who you are or to “Let it Go.”

I recommend this movie to children or parents of children ages. It is essential to show kids to be who they are, not suppress their feelings. It has good music, and there is “Frozen II” that you can watch after the first one. I give this movie an 8/10: I loved it when I was younger. I hope kids can enjoy it and learn from it!

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