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Freshman history teacher talks about screen time

By Adrianno Carias, Aaron Varela and Jerry Wang

Staff Writers

Freshman history teacher Sven Engvall PHOTO CREDIT: Jerry Wang

Freshman history teacher Sven Engvall said students stay on Chromebooks for about 4-5 hours a day. Students have mixed opinions on that amount of screen time; it is hard to balance the amount of time students spend on Chromebooks.

Summit Denali students experience more screen time than students from other schools. The implications of screen time are rarely discussed.

Large amounts of screen time both help students’ academic achievements and hinder their progress. 

When asked if the amount of screen time during school hours is reasonable, Engvall said, “In some ways, yes and some ways no. Students have different opinions about the amount of screen time during school hours.”

Screen time and social media can influece students’ academics PHOTO CREDIT: r.nial.bradshaw on Flickr

Engvall went on, “I think students’ mood can change due to screen time. Laptops can be similar to phones and cause a distraction for the students and possibly make them less inclined to do work.”

When questioned about how Chromebooks can affect mental health, Engvall said, “I think the screens can damage the students’ health, similar to social media. Many negative things that affect people’s health comes from the amount of time they spend on it.”


Engvall also said, “Students think we take little time to grade but we spend a lot more time than we realize because of the distractions that happen on the laptop. I don’t think it is not as much, but it does take several hours. It could be too much time depending on the person.”

As a final remark, when asked about whether or not we should reduce the time on Chromebooks, Sven Engvall said, “We should use them when it makes sense to be used.” 

Featured Image at the top of the post:

Students at Summit Denali experience almost two times the amount of screen time compared to other schools. PHOTO CREDIT: Brian Kim on Cool Mom Tech

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