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Denali teacher recalls her journey to becoming a teacher

By Nihitha Palacherla

Staff Writer

Ms. Albassam enjoys teaching students, but she faces a challenge in online learning. In the past year, schools have shifted in-person classes to online school. Many students feel stressed and anxious to be back to in-person classes, but have you wondered what teaching online is like for teachers at Summit Denali?

Empty classrooms during COVID-19 PHOTO CREDIT: Erik Drost

Denali Biology teacher Lobna Albassam said teaching online has been a challenge because “you can’t reach out to every student.” It is very hard to do so because of a lack of interaction.

Ms. Albassam said her favorite part of teaching students is that she gets ”to make an impact on [their] young lives.” Making an impact is very important to her.

PHOTO CREDIT: Chiayang Yang

She started her journey as a teacher by teaching a biology lab that her teacher asked her to teach. After that class, she got many compliments from her teacher saying that she was a natural. “It felt very natural and I thought it was my calling,” she said. 

 After this positive experience, she decided to quit dentist school and become a teacher. “It was very hard to break this news to my family,” she admitted, but “they supported me and told me to do what made me happy.”

This is Ms. Albassams first year teaching at Summit Denali but she said, “The school is pretty amazing and they give teachers a lot of say and is very organized and great at communicating.”

 “I am looking forward to seeing the students back in person,” she said.

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