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Online users express views on how games/websites affect them

By Jerry Yu

Staff Writer

Many people use the internet visit websites and games throughout their daily lives, but how heavily does it affect them? 


The main focus will be Minecraft as the game, and Discord as the website/app. 

Many people use Discord and play Minecraft every day; however they spend so much time on them that I started to think about how their real life has been affected by the internet.

Minecraft is a sandbox survival game with near limitless possible actions you could take while playing the game. There is also the possibility of going online and playing with other players, whether it is simply surviving together or being competitive.

Discord is an online chatting website/app where people can create and modify servers to invite friends or possibly even just people on the Internet to their server. Its main purpose was to simply be better than other voice-chatting platforms such as TeamSpeak or Skype for gaming.

With some Minecraft communities being really competitive, those players start to invest hours upon hours of their lives playing the game, practicing to better their skills and/or gaining experience by actively competing with others.

Many Minecraft communities have a Discord server, some being large and covering many topics, others being a large group of players that want to work together or have a nice place to chat.

When asked whether Minecraft or Discord affected their real life in any way, Till Brandes said, “In the last months I have been playing a decent amount of Minecraft. This time could have been used for school, but I’m concentrating more on school now.”

This person can be considered a Minecraft veteran, having played for almost 7 years now: “I started roughly 7 years ago or so, I’m not entirely sure. Although I played on and off throughout the entire time, I think, overall, I played for 3 or 4 years.”

They added, “I say a decent amount of Minecraft but it’s sometimes a couple hours, even a whole night, if I’m having a lot of fun.” They continued, “I’ve met many amazing people and made memories which I will never forget.” 

They said positive things, never mentioning anything about the negative side of having a large community, which is that not every person is friendly. Some people play just for the sake of annoying others

Other people that had similar thoughts stated some of the following:

“The reason why I still play is because I believe it’s the only game that’s consistently fun nowadays, and because I have/made a lot of friends on it,” SimplyDuke said.

Asiantoast added, “Minecraft allows people to unlock their inner creativity, as it allows players to build and create things.” 

He went on, “Minecraft created a lot of fun moments with friends and a lot of my friends and I talk about a lot of stuff over Minecraft and sometimes that makes me get to know them better.” 

Most of these people think that Minecraft is just a fun way to use up their free time. Some admit that they could’ve been studying or doing something productive but others never really touched on what they would be doing.

When they are asked about Discord and if it has affected their life in any way, many of the answers were the same:

“I spent one hour a day and sometimes a little more on Discord, so basically apart from spending my time on something different it didn’t really change my daily life,” Till Brandes said. 

Discord Logo PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

“I chat a lot with my friends, like a LOT. Apart from that I also spend a decent amount of time on playing with the Discord bots. So basically it just uses up a lot of time,” Tommy Yu said 

To sum up, people didn’t really let Minecraft or Discord get to their daily lives or change it too much. The only problem they saw was that it simply took up a lot of their time which could’ve been used doing something such as school.

“I think it would be a good experience for most people, as it has gamers from every age, culture and religion,” said Till Brandes. “It’s a non-toxic game and has family-friendly elements. It can be adjusted to fit nearly every gamer’s desire and therefore is a great choice.”

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