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Texas snowstorms and frigid temperatures handicap the Lone Star State

By Jovani Alejandro Contreras Prep Editor-in-Chief  The Lone Star state is known for its hot temperatures and dry climate but on Monday morning Texans turned up their heaters after the state reached single-digit temperatures. The massive snowstorm, Winter Storm Uri, hit Texas on Saturday, Feb. 13, bringing snow and ice from coast-to-coast. The frigid temperatures caused the Texas independent power

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Morally grey characters walk the fine line between good and evil

By Ella Rodrigues and McKenna Seegmiller Staff Writers   In a world where our actions are placed in carefully crafted boxes of good and evil, there lies a special kind of character. Carefully balanced in between the spaces is someone who is morally grey. A morally grey character walks the thin line between hero and villain, and questions societal norms

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A look into “Monster High”: Why diversity in kids’ media is important

Alex Diaz Staff Writer   Diversity is important, yet oftentimes, entertainment omits it or horribly adapts it. Diversity is especially important in kids’ entertainment so that it will foster acceptance in the child’s adulthood. However, time and time again, diversity within kids’ media is often forgotten. Luckily, this was not the case with the fashion doll franchise, “Monster High”.  

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Biden faces a tough test in his first 100 days

Albert Chang-Yoo Editor-in-Chief On January 20th, Joe Biden officially entered the office of president. Preceding him, one of the most exhausting election cycle in modern American history. Yet, his biggest challenge lies before him. “Few people in our nation’s history have been more challenged or found a time more challenging or difficult than the time we’re in now,” Biden pronounced

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“Cyberpunk 2077” is a beautiful game with a controversial catch

Nathan David Staff Writer   With the 7-year development of the recently Triple-A game “Cyberpunk 2077,” one might assume that it might be one of, if not the best video game to release in 2020. However, after seeing the disappointing launch and overall quality of “Cyberpunk”, gamers have directed their rage and frustration towards CD Projekt Red (CDPR), the developers

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ABC premieres new game show “The Chase” featuring “Jeopardy!” legends

By Ethaniel Reyes Staff Editor   Following the death of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, trivia fans are still able to see three of Trebek’s most memorable contestants as trivia masters on ABC’s newest primetime quiz show called “The Chase”, hosted by journalist and talk show host Sara Haines.  “The Chase” is a brand new game show that combines rapid-fire trivia,

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Summit Briefing: Week of 2/8/21

Hundreds of residents of San Francisco's Chinatown hold red signs and march to protest discrimination against the Chinese community.

Hundreds of San Francisco’s Chinatown protest racism against members of the Chinese community. Violence against the community has increased as a result of COVID-19. Jessica Christian for the San Francisco Chronicle. Your Summit Weekly Briefing   By Alex Tananbaum and Ashwath Vimal    Note: Starting today, briefings will be listed solely in the “Weekly Briefing” section of Summit News as opposed

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