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Overlooked American History: The Black Wall Street Massacre & I-Hotel Evictions

By Sarai Carpio-Au Staff Writer After reading about the horrific crimes of Christopher Columbus and the immensely unfair treatment to the Native Americans, American history has hidden so much. It’s hard to say there’s more hidden mass killings, the government forcing communities out of their homes, and violation of citizen’s basic human rights. As the government and the American school

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Summit Briefing: Week of 11/16/20

Flooding in Marikina, Philippines

Your Summit Weekly Briefing 1. General News: Typhoon Vamco Last Wednesday night, Typhoon Vamco made landfall in the Philippines, with the island of Luzon being it worst. Since then, 67 people have died, and $9.7 million in infrastructure has been destroyed, plus another $24.7 million in agricultural damage. Much of this has been due to flooding; according to Manuel Mamba,

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Summit Briefing: Week of 11/2/20

On a blue background, white text reads "remember to", then hands hold up each letter of "vote"

Your Summit Weekly Briefing IF YOU ARE 18 OR OVER, OR WILL BE BY ELECTION DAY, REGISTER TO VOTE! California Information: Register (or pre-register if you are currently under 18) at Voting by mail: You should receive your mail-in ballot October 12th. USPS is currently anticipating delays— make sure to mail your ballot as soon as possible so your

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