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David Xol-Cholom, of Guatemala hugs his son Byron at Los Angeles International Airport as they reunite after being separated about one and half years ago during the Trump administration's wide-scale separation of immigrant families, Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)


Your Summit Weekly Briefing

Parents of 545 children separated at US border still not found | US & Canada | Al Jazeera
David Xol-Cholom from Guatemala hugs his son Byron at Los Angeles International Airport as they reunite. (Photo byAP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)




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1. General News: The Parents of 545 Immigrant Children Not Found, Pope Francis Supports Same-Gender Couples

545 Children: This week, several media outlets reported that the parents of 545 children separated from their caregivers at the border cannot be found. According to Trump spokesperson Tim Murtaugh, some immigrant parents, when located in the countries they had attempted to flee from, didn’t want their children back: “You have to locate the parents and when they are located in these other countries in many cases… the parents do not want the children sent back to them in their home countries.” However, we have no idea the wishes of parents of the 545 children, as they cannot be located. 


Take Action: Sign the “Reunite EVERY separated family IMMEDIATELY” petition

from Families Belong Together to demand the Trump organization find and reunite the

parents with their children and end family separation as a whole.


Pope Francis: In a new documentary, Pope Francis states “Homosexuals have a right to be a part of the family. They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out, or be made miserable because of it,” according to The Catholic News Agency. He also stated that “What we have to create is a civil union law. That way they [LGBT+ couples] are legally covered,” (note: this is not technically an endorsement of gay marriage). This is a serious departure from the previous Pope Benedict’s views; he called being gay “an intrinsic moral evil,” according the The New York Times. Pope Francis has also called for the Catholic Church to be more accepting towards divorcees, people who have had abortions, and other groups historically shut out by the Church, and yesterday he  appointed the US’s first Black Cardinal.

2. Covid-19: Depression rates rising

According to a study released in September, depression rates have tripled since the onset of Covid-19. It also indicated that “Individuals with lower social resources, lower economic resources, and greater exposure to stressors (eg, job loss) reported a greater burden of depression symptoms.” The study also asserts that mental health services, especially to at-risk populations, should be part of a comprehensive Covid recovery plan.


Case Counts: Yesterday the 25th saw the second highest new case counts since the pandemic began. The highest new case count day was last Friday the 23rd.


Experiencing mental health issues?: Talk to your school counselor (I promise, they’re not that bad) if possible, or text “HOME” to The Crisis Textline at 741741. Their free counselors specialize in a range of subjects. Things will get better. I promise. 


Stay Informed: CNN reports live, bite-sized updates on Coronavirus here.


3. Politics: The Debate

The 3rd and final debate was last Thursday night (with the 2nd debate being canceled due to Trump’s objections to it being virtual). Candidates were muted while the other was talking, leading to a debate less chaotic than the first. Here are some debate highlights:


4. Sports: Penultimate NASCAR race

NASCAR begins their second-to-last race before the Cup Series Championship today in Texas. Joey Logano secured one of the four spots in the Championship, leaving this and the next race to determine the other three drivers. The race distance is 501 miles: 334 laps around a 1.5 mile track. The full line up, as well as when and where to watch, can be found here.


5. Summit: The Complexities of Overgrad

If you are a Senior at Summit, Overgrad has probably become a phrase ingrained in the “Summit Vocab” part of your brain. The platform allows students to upload personal statements, find colleges that fit their needs, and identify which of their colleges are safety, best fit or reach. What you may not know is that teachers are required to submit their letters of recommendation and evaluations through Overgrad, as is your counselor/mentor, who also has to submit your school report (this year’s should be out November 1st). However, as of last week, Overgrad has not been able to send documents to Common App, even if your accounts are linked. 

Though the issue was fixed today, I’d suggest current Juniors be conscious of the issue, just in case it prevails next year. 


6. Actions

Editor’s note: each week, I will be posting petitions to sign/actions to take to support the BLM movement, ICE detainees, and other important matters. Remember, your voice counts, so use it.


  • Sign this petition, also listed in the “General News”, to demand the Trump organization find and reunite the children with their parents and end family separation as a whole.


  • Join Color of Change’s October 27th “SICK AND TIRED NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION” to join and/or create a virtual or in-person event (stay Covid safe if you choose the latter!).


And as always:

  • Watch or listen or listen to this playlist. All advertisement revenue goes to Black Lives Matter. I currently have it on in the background as I am writing this brief. Do not skip the ads, the donations will not go through otherwise.


  • Watch or listen to this video. All advertisement revenue goes to various aid organizations easing the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Please note it is blocked on school Chromebooks due to being in the “Entertainment” category


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