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Finding beauty and building relationships during quarantine

By Alina Raykovich

Staff Writer

Over the past two months during quarantine, I have been finding ways to busy myself. I have been taking numerous assessments, watching Netflix and taking photos. Through these activities and the trips that I’ve taken with my family, I’ve developed an appreciation for the beauty of our world and grown closer to the people around me. 


I call my friend Clarie every day during school. We often laugh and listen to music while doing work and content assessments until our next classes. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich

Left: During Virtual School, my cat, Dash, walks into my room and sits by my window for an hour every day. He likes to either look at me or watch the birds. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich

Right: I bring my cat into the living room to watch some cat movies, even if I don’t entirely understand why he likes watching birds eat food. We spend 10 minutes doing this until he finally gets bored and leaves. PHOTO CREDIT:  Alina Raykovich

Top Left: At night, I watch Netflix until I get sleepy. I usually watch “Riverdale” or “Outer Banks”, although sometimes I watch “Stranger Things”. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich

Bottom Left: In my spare time, I look at old photos of me and my family and friends, including this picture of me and my best friend, Gunner. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich

Right: I watch Youtube and TikTok videos when I get tired during school days. I enjoy watching Room Makeovers or College Move-In day vlogs. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich


I go horseback riding at Garrod Farms once a week to help keep the horses in shape. On May 13, I rode a horse named Fudge who wasn’t the best ride that day. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich

Left: I see if the cows come around while in Bodega Bay. When they do, I ask the person that owns all the cows if I can feed them. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich

Right: Every Wednesday my parents and I drive up to our beach house in Bodega Bay where we watch the sunset every night. PHOTO CREDIT:  Alina Raykovich

FEATURED IMAGE: In the evenings, I go on walks and talk to my mom until it gets dark. We often stop at random spots and take photos with the beautiful clouds in the background. PHOTO CREDIT: Alina Raykovich 


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