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Activities help the quarantine feel normal

By Kaashika Raut

Staff Writer

From baking to painting, I’ve been finding myself investing more time in activities I hadn’t tried before. Being stuck inside during quarantine can be hard, but I’ve found that the best way to find joy in this difficult time is by keeping busy. I have been finding ways to keep learning, exercising, and keeping up with my work.

Left: On the days I have Virtual School, I work on my computer from the morning until mid-afternoon. Though there are long work blocks, I try to take periodic breaks. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Right: Every weekday, I join my regular class schedule on Google Meet to participate in Virtual School. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Left: I walk or exercise at least once a week, aside from swimming workouts. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Middle: I take a break and watch some Netflix when I’m feeling unproductive. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Right: I talk to some friends most afternoons after school or when I’m done working, which helps make quarantine feel more normal. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut


Left: I’ve been trying to paint small canvases and get more into art while I redecorate my room. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Right: I spend a lot of time in my backyard waiting for the oranges to ripen. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Left: Recently, I have been trying to bake. On Mother’s Day, I made the pictured flan. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

Right: My family and I have been getting the pool ready for summer and watching the apples grow. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

FEATURED IMAGE (at top of post): Almost every afternoon, I make myself a smoothie bowl. It has become a comforting routine. PHOTO CREDIT: Kaashika Raut

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  1. Kyle Quach Kyle Quach August 29, 2022

    Keep up the great work!

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