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Finding ways to maintain normality during a global pandemic

By Justin Lin

Staff Writer

For the past two months, I have been stuck at home during a global pandemic. I’ve found that it’s important to keep finding joy amidst this crisis. To do this, I’ve been finding ways to continue learning, exercising, keeping entertained and doing the things I need to do.

Left: I continue to get daily exercise with my swim team through different workouts on Zoom calls. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su

Middle: Every Monday afternoon, piano lessons on FaceTime calls with my piano teacher allow me to keep practicing my piano skills while playing different pieces. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su

Right: After 11 years of attending Chinese school, my classmates and I attend an online graduation call led by the principal and different teachers. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su


I meet with the pastor and a few of my friends from my church youth group on Wednesday nights to talk about our week and pray for each other. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin


Left: I start to play Wii games again after what seems like a long time. One of my favorites is Wii boxing, which I will occasionally play with my mom since she feels it is a good workout. PHOTO CREDIT: Johnson Lin

Right: I work towards one of my goals during quarantine: building my dream house in Minecraft. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin



Sometimes I’ll borrow my cousin’s skateboard to practice skateboarding either in my backyard or out in front of my house. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su

Top Left: I take a walk in the park that is right across from my house and see a sign stating the closure of a small playground and caution tapes blocking off the gate entrance which leads into the playground. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin

Top Right: At one of the entrances into the park, a sign on the ground states the rules of social distancing in order to maintain a safe and healthy environment. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin

Bottom: Bright yellow caution tapes intertwine another huge empty playground, making the whole park seem quiet and lonely. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin

Left: After a trip to Costco with my mom, we are ready to go home with a number of essentials, most of them being food. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su

Right: A huge sign that is hung below the Costco ceiling reminds customers to maintain social distancing by keeping six feet between them and others. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin

Left: With concerns of whether or not The Cheesecake Factory may close due to the pandemic, my mom and I hurry there to buy cheesecakes with the remaining coupons we have. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su

Right: I visit Meet Fresh with my mom to purchase two bags of buy-one-get-one-free dessert bowls. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su


Left: I study and prepare for my first ever AP exam: AP Chinese Language & Culture. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin

Right: My preparation for the AP Chinese exam continues as I read and go over scoring guidelines at night. PHOTO CREDIT: Shannon Su


Barbershop closures force my mom to give me a haircut. PHOTO CREDIT: Johnson Lin

FEATURED IMAGE (at top of post): I bring out the chalk that I used as a child and draw on the concrete floor of my backyard. PHOTO CREDIT: Justin Lin

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