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Downtown San Jose left empty during the lockdown

By Kainoa Garo

Staff Writer

Ever since the Bay Area counties declared shelter-in-place orders on March 16, downtown areas and popular places seem to have been left abandoned. Popular plazas, churches and places that are usually filled to the brim with people are now empty.

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Left: This is a VTA light rail that runs through Downtown San Jose. On normal days, there are usually daily riders waiting for the light rail, but, during the lockdown, there appears to be no one. VTA still operates and provides services, but at a reduced rate and a “No Mask No Ride” policy. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Right: A typically busy street in San Jose, Market Street, is now empty. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Left: McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood & Steaks, a popular restaurant located in the Plaza de César Chávez, is also empty. Small businesses similar to this one may not be able to survive the quarantine and may have to close down forever. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Top Right: On a popular street, San Pedro Square, most of the restaurants are closed, but the ones that are open require customers to order online in an effort to prevent the spread of the virus. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Bottom Right: This is a second angle of San Pedro Square. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Left: A bench, located at Caesar Chavez Park, a popular park in the center of downtown, has a sign informing passersby that the park is currently closed. The benches are tied with caution tape to prevent loitering and the spread of the virus. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Right: A man near the city hall wears a face mask. The Bay Area has a policy that requires citizens, when going outside, to wear a face mask. This is necessary because COVID-19 can transmit through coughs. Face masks are effective at blocking these transmissions. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Left: Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, a popular Catholic church located in downtown, is typically filled with people on Sundays. During the lockdown, religious services have also been shut down. During this time, this church offers live stream services. Some churches in the Bay Area broke the shelter-in-place order, which has caused more COVID-19 cases. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Top Right: The SAP Center is known for its mass gatherings, entertainment and concerts. It is also widely known for being the home of the San Jose Sharks, a major league hockey team. The pandemic has caused a ban for large audiences; the Sharks have to play without an audience.  PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Bottom Right: San Jose State University’s dorm building is not as lively as it used to be. During quarantine, some college students were forced to move back to their homes. In fear of the virus, colleges replaced in-person classes with virtual classes. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Left: This is the park at the center of the Plaza de César Chávez. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Top Right: This is a popular art mural outside of the Hammer Theatre Center. PHOTO CREDIT: Kainoa Garo

Top Left: This is the entrance to the Hammer Theatre Center. It offers plays, both classical and modern. Similar to other services, they provide live stream shows.

San Jose is still currently under quarantine. Plans for reopening businesses and workplaces are still being made. If you plan to go outside, do not forget the mask policies and remain six feet apart from others.

For more information about the quarantine, visit the CDC.

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