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Work from home becomes the new normal

By Yasmeen Ali

Staff Writer

Although there are those who are forced to work on the front lines of dealing with COVID-19, some parents and students are able to work from home. To prevent the spread of disease, my family is part of the many families that are home to make sure we are clean and protected while making the most of what we can in quarantine.

Ever since the news spread about COVID-19, many people were in a panic due to the rapid spread of the pandemic. Due to the drastic changes and increase in victims in California, our governor has placed a shelter-in-place policy which has impacted daily life.

During this pandemic, my parents are working from home on their computers; meanwhile, my brother and I have a dedicated space to do our work.

Top Left to Right: My mother is on the phone with some of our family members while she works from her computer. PHOTO CREDIT: Yasmeen Ali

Left to Right: My mother bakes during her free time and stocks up after a trip to the grocery store with extra protection. PHOTO CREDIT: Yasmeen Ali

Due to circumstances of quarantine having their jobs involve sitting constantly at a computer screen, I help my mom when she’s baking for more quality time.

Left: My father is on the phone with one of his coworkers discussing a project they’re working on. PHOTO CREDIT: Yasmeen Ali

Right: My brother is scrolling through the assignments for his classes. PHOTO CREDIT: Yasmeen Ali

Featured Image: I am studying for upcoming tests by taking notes and reviewing content from the resources teachers send to us online. PHOTO CREDIT: Yasmeen Ali

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