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Shelter-in-place adds new difficulties to moving

By Christina Velez

Staff Editor

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, everyone in California, besides essential workers, are being ordered to shelter in place. For students this means that instead of attending school at their usual campus, they will be doing online school instead.

Before all of this started, my parents had been looking for a new house, yet since we could not find any buyers for our house it seemed like it was not going to end up happening. Yet about a month after the shelter-in-place announcement, my parents confirmed with me that we would indeed be moving. With a limited amount of time to move out, we also had the stress of work or school.

We started with painting our new house, which led to a lot of trips to the store and many mistakes. For example, accidentally painting the ceiling:

Left: Me with my mask on walking through the hardware store looking for paint

Right: The hallway in which we accidentally painted the ceiling

Once that was over, we began the actual move out process. This ended up being mostly packing, which took up the majority of our time. Although we were able to have fun and sort through clothing we had forgotten about.

Top left: Old dresses and costumes we found in my mom’s closet

Bottom left: An old dress for a wedding from the early 2000s

Right: Me trying on my mom’s wedding dress

Throughout us packing, we had also been slowly moving stuff to our new house, which of course left us tired and both houses a mess.

Left: My room in the middle of packing, along with my cats lounging around

Right: Some of our clothes and boxes left haphazardly in the house we were moving into

Around the end of us moving in, we had to bring our animals to the new house. Once we took them to the house, my cats were scared and tried to hide. My dogs, on the other hand, did not seem to care all that much and were content with sitting with me on our couch.

Left: My dogs sitting on the couch watching my mom

Top Right: My black cat sitting in the crate not realizing she was going to have to be in there while we take her

Bottom Right: My orange cat with anxiety hiding under a sleeping bag

Eventually we were able to move in completely, and all my pets were able to adjust and feel safe in our new home.

Left: My black cat sleeping peacefully on my bed

Middle: Both of my cats sleeping on my parents bed

Right: My dogs sitting on the couch with me


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