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Finding joy in the little things while in quarantine

By Analisa Sofia Perez

Staff Editor

It is no secret that the time of the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for countless people. The orders set by the governor of California to shelter in place means having limited contact with the outside world, and that poses a problem for many.

However, for my family and me, sheltering in place means learning how to find pleasure and entertainment in the little things that surround us every day. During this time I have been able to better appreciate the smaller things that bring me joy — things that perhaps I wouldn’t pay much attention to on any other day not spent in quarantine.

See below for a selection of my photos documenting the ways in which my family is able to find joy while in the confines of our house:

Top left: In the first few weeks of quarantine, our family plays a game of giant lotería in our backyard to lighten the mood. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez

Bottom left: Every Saturday my family hosts a game of “virtual lotería” with our extended family over a video call. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez 

Right: In lieu of being able to gather physically with our family, holding a Zoom call gives us a sense of togetherness. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez

Left: During the quarantine, we have been able to care for our plants more frequently. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez

Right: My dad enjoys taking time out of every day to tend to his plants. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez

Top right: Here he’s seen rolling out a dough we use to make personalized ornaments and clay figures. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez
Bottom: On one night we spend an hour or two completing a puzzle. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez

Left to right: On some evenings, I bake to destress. PHOTO CREDIT: Analisa Sofia Perez

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