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Quarantine: Life in the house

By Jasmine Chinn

Staff Writer 

The COVID-19 pandemic left me filled with questions in life, and now I have so much free personal time and work for classes to contribute to, but there has also been a lack of freedom to explore outside. 

Before this pandemic started, I was looking forward to finally starting to drive a car since I got my permit around March, but, since the coronavirus pandemic started, I have not been able to start driving until this period of quarantine ends.

I draw anime during my free time at my desk. PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Chinn

My life has been tedious outside of virtual school: I try to keep myself busy with drawing, entertaining myself through YouTube, and socializing on different venues such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Google Hangouts since I have not been able to go outside that much.

I attend classes every weekday on Google Hangouts because of the shelter-in–place. PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Chinn

As of recently, I have been in a virtual school system where I attend classes online. Virtual school at Rainier has been challenging in keeping focus with my classes since I have not gotten used to being at school virtually, especially joining online classes when there are a lot of things around my house that can distract me from school.

I have not been home-schooled before, but attending online meetings has not been new to me: Several times a week, I meet up with my online tutors from Komo Consulting to go over my projects.

Every day, I usually wake up at around 6:30 a.m. to get to class.

With quarantine stopping me from going to school, I have been trying to make the most of my extra time to get caught up with my projects, focus areas, and additional content assessments for all of my classes while also trying to earn good grades for this year, since Rainier is going to close at the end of the year.

My older brother, Joshua, a freshman at Vanguard University of Southern California, works on his projects through  his virtual college. PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Chinn

Because of the pandemic, my older brother, Joshua, had to move back home from college and is using Zoom to attend his classes. 

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My father, George Chinn, has also been putting his best into his job,  attending his meetings, providing for our family, and exercising as much as possible.

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My mom is learning new skills such as doing digital art during this quarantine.

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I am also learning new skills during this quarantine such as painting and cooking.

Since people can not go to restaurants, my family and I have to cook for ourselves more than usual.

My family attends online church weekly on Sundays together as a family to worship God.

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Our church has a knitting group called H.A.W.K. (Happy Asian Women Knitting) where my mom meets with other women to have fellowship and knit their own projects while sitting together.

My mother and her HAWK group meets over Zoom and have fun with sharing their projects.  PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Chinn

 “We meet to get tips about knitting, share projects, and also work on community service projects such as knitting or crocheting hats, blankets, and baby items for shelters,” my mother told me.

My family and I pose for a picture at the last time that we were outside before the pandemic became a widespread issue.  PHOTO CREDIT: Jasmine Chinn

During the coronavirus pandemic, my family and I are enduring this time, making the best of staying inside. 

Featured image at the top: 

Jasmine Chinn (left), Eunice Kuo (middle), and Hannah Kuo (right) pose for a picture at Rainier before the coronavirus became a pandemic. 

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