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COVID-19 changed the way we go to the store

By McKayla Castigador 

Staff Writer

Across the United States, some people have changed the way they live their lives because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Due to public safety, Santa Clara County recently extended stay-at-home orders through May.

Within San Jose, there are many people that still go outside.  However, the way they live their lives has now been influenced by the pandemic.

Whether it is staying six feet apart, avoiding people, or wearing a mask, people choose different methods of safety precautions to protect themselves.  

This is what going to the stores and food banks look like amidst the pandemic:

Customers line up outside of a San Jose milk tea shop practicing social distancing by lining up six feet apart with only five at a time allowed into the store on May 6 in San Jose.
PHOTO CREDIT: McKayla Castigador
IMG_0229 (1)
Wearing masks, customers follow the face covering guidelines recommended by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention before entering a small business with a maximum capacity of five people on May 6 in San Jose. PHOTO CREDIT: McKayla Castigador
Panda Express continues business through setting up a table at the door and having a large “open now” sign; on the table menu items and drink options are shown; above the table there is a plastic sheet that is used as a barrier between the server and customer; on the floor, there is blue tape to indicate where someone should stand. PHOTO CREDIT: McKayla Castigador
Social distancing cones sit outside of a Safeway to indicate what six feet apart looks like; on top, a card is taped to the cone to ask  COVID-19 screening questions.
PHOTO CREDIT: McKayla Castigador
COVID-19 screening questions are on a card for those waiting outside of the store; customers who say “yes” to any of the questions are recommended to avoid entering the store.
PHOTO CREDIT: McKayla Castigador



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