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Nature is a place of tranquility during hectic times

By Albert Chang-Yoo

Staff Editor

Isolating at home, either by yourself or with family, can be extremely challenging. Now, more than ever, it’s extremely important to make sure we take a break from the stress of life. 

Being in nature has routinely been proven to stimulate mental health and reduce anxiety. I know not everyone lives near green spaces, but I encourage those who do to take advantage of it. I’m lucky enough to live in Pacifica, a town where natural beauty is in abundance. Recently, I’ve been trying to take advantage of my surroundings and get back into nature. I traveled to the trails that Pacifica has to offer– all within 5 miles of my house. See below for a selection of photos from my excursions:

Top Left: Vegetation covers the hills of San Pedro Valley Park, located in the back of Pacifica.

Top Right: Fog encapsulates the valley floor of the Pedro Point Headlands.




Above: A Western Fence Lizard sunbathes on a trail inside San Pedro Valley Park.


Left: A red-tailed hawk swoops down towards the hillside of Mori Point, in pursuit of its prey.


Below: The view from Sweeney Ridge, which overlooks South San Francisco and the South Bay.


Top Left: Labyrinths made by hikers are found on the bluffs of Mori Point.

Top Right: A spider’s web is illuminated by morning dew.

Top Left: My dog/hiking companion Kipper waits for me along the Sweeney Ridge trail.

Bottom Left: Redwood trees tower above the ground throughout San Pedro Valley Park. 

Top Right: The American Flag flaps in the wind at the Pacifica Pier.

Below: The sun sets at the Pacifica Pier.


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