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How to defeat the boredom (introvert style)

By Van Tran

Staff Writer

The COVID-19 pandemic has left me with so much time on my hands but no energy or places to explore. Due to safety concerns, California schools shut down in the midst of learning and transitioned to online schools.

As I have been homeschooled before, online school went smoothly for me. I had started thinking of activities ideas beforehand as I knew the pros and cons of staying at home. As an introvert, I had no problem with being confined at home.

Every day, I wake up at 8 a.m. and get ready for class:

Top: I start my school day by attending Mentor SDL and checking in with my mentor. The class usually lasts for 20 minutes. PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran

Bottom left: I enjoy a bowl of cereal while doing schoolwork. Starting the day off with a hearty breakfast is a must for my school routine. PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran

Bottom right: On most days, I spend my SDL time doing content and additional assessments. PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran



On other days, I will spend the one hour left to take a nap. PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran

Staying at home greatly decreased my productiveness and affected my sleeping schedule. Taking naps have become a recurrence.





9:30 a.m.:

Left: I attend my journalism class. For the last round, I decided to write this photo essay to showcase my everyday life during Expeditions. PHOTO CREDIT: Van Tran

Right: I work on Sudoku while listening to my class. PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran

Due to online school, I easily get sidetracked and lose focus during school. To resolve this barrier, I would bring my focus back by doing Sudoku. I usually finish one in the morning, as it helps my brain to wake up as well.




After class, I eat a quick lunch. Due to online classes, Expeditions’ lunchtime has more than doubled. To pass time, I read a book (“Matched” by Ally Condie) on a very comfortable incline sofa.

PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran




I attend my afternoon class, College Readiness, at 12:45 p.m. and start on the checkpoints for the class. PHOTO CREDIT: Van Tran

During this shelter-in-place period, I have adopted a new hobby: ORIGAMI! I am working on my own personal art project. By the time the shelter-in-place is lifted, my 3-D swing will be finished.

Left to Right: After school, I spend my time folding small pieces to build my swing. PHOTO CREDIT: Halle Tien-Tran

So far, I have finished the base of my swing; all it needs is a little glue. Most of the time, I fold the origami during school hours as well, while doing work and listening to music.

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