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Summit facility differences continue to alter school experiences

By Judy Ly and Maxwell Taniguchi-King

Staff Editors 

Next school year, three major campus changes are expected: Denali moving into a new campus, Rainier closing, and Tahoma renovating its current portables. 

There have been recent attempts to standardize Summit schools across California. Despite these changes, all eight Summit high schools in the Bay Area remain largely different in regards to their facilities.

Ranging from portables to office buildings, campuses have a lack of adequate space for core-subject classes and school activities. 

Across all schools, students perceive their campuses as a factor that determines their education and school community. Faculty agree their facilities also shape their community; however, they feel their school’s staff plays a more important role.

Below is a video examining the differences between five of the eight schools: 

Below are graphics providing context to each facility covered in the video:


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  1. Donna Donna April 23, 2020

    Excellent article showing perspectives from a range of people related to the campuses. Loved the editing in the video, the backdrop of interviews at the different campuses and nice info graphics in the column. The candid responses exhibit good interviewing skills and it is good for those opinions to be heard. Nice topic!

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