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Real-life paranormal movie is a thrill

By Dania Zamudio

Staff Writer

The movie “Veronica” is really good. It’s a horror film, and it’s actually pretty scary. It is in Spanish and takes place in Madrid, Spain because it’s based on a true story. The director of the movie is Paco Plaza. The movie came out in 2017.

The movie “Veronica” is entirely in Spanish. During an eclipse, Veronica and her friends decide to ditch the nun school that they attend to play the ouija board. They go to the school’s basement storage room and play it. Then it goes wrong, and Veronica becomes possessed. She has to deal with the consequences. The movie ends up in horrible tragedy.

The purpose of the movie is to tell a real-life story and let people know that paranormal activity is really scary to not only watch but to experience. It does achieve its purpose because the producers of the movie tell the story in the order that it happened. More people are aware that paranormal activity has happened and that it’s a possibility to happen to anyone.

Plaza is also known for being one of the directors in the trilogy “REC.”  He is also a screenwriter, producer, editor and even a costume designer.

In the beginning of the movie, the director does a good job of introducing the main characters, giving the people who are watching an idea of what they’re like and how they act. The youngest sibling is Antonito. Lucia and Irene are her other two little sisters, but they are older than Antonito.


In the beginning, they are getting ready to go to school. While they are getting ready, Veronica goes into her mom’s room to get a picture of her dad and tells her mom that it is for a school project. They go to school and, in the middle of class, the entire school goes outside to look at the solar eclipse, except three people. Veronica and her friends go to the school’s storage room/basement to play the ouija board. For me, this was one of my favorite scenes because the picture she took for her “project” was the object she was using to try to contact her dead father through the ouija board. It goes wrong because all the lights go out and the board breaks in half by itself. That’s when Veronica gets possessed. That was an interesting start to the movie, so it made me want to keep watching.

A really creepy part that happened after that is when they are getting out of school and Veronica is waiting for her sister to walk home. She notices that one of the nuns from her school is staring at her. A particular nun is looking at her. This nun is blind and appears to be staring at Veronica. I found that thrilling because it was creepy, and old nuns are somewhat really wise, so I thought that the nun senses something with Veronica.

Shortly after she gets home, while her and her siblings are eating, out of nowhere Veronica freezes in the middle of putting food in her mouth and starts shaking uncontrollably. After she is able to get the food in her mouth it starts dripping out of her mouth, and that’s when Irene comes in. Irene sees that and goes into a shock and drops her milk on the floor. After that, Veronica snaps out of it and gets back into control. Then she goes to the bathroom and notices a big bruise on her shoulder. I found that really creepy because I know that when something is trying to possess you, you start to get bruises.

Later that night, she is giving her little brother a bath when she has to leave because she starts to hear banging outside of the bathroom. When she is going back to the bathroom, all the lights go out and, when she comes back to the bathtub where her brother is, the water is burning him. Something had caused it to get really hot. When she takes him out of the water, he is red with burns. That really kept me on edge of what was happening.

The next day she goes back down to where they played the game to see if something was there and, while exploring, she turns around and sees the blind nun behind her. I found that creepy because I don’t know how she knew that Veronica was down there. Then the nun starts giving her warnings about paranormal things. She says she can’t see but she can see things everyone else can’t see.

That night, she gets a book of symbols and she tells all her siblings to draw them around the house. But, shortly after drawing them, Antonito starts drawing a different symbol because he gets bored. Little did he know that that symbol was a really bad symbol. That’s when the downstairs neighbor comes to complain about black stains, and Veronica realizes they were coming from the bed that they sleep in. Later, Veronica wakes them all up because the signs above where they sleep are on fire. That was really scary because that’s when many things start to click in Veronica’s head. That’s when I was on the edge of my seat.

The next day in the afternoon, their mom is working late and can’t go home. But little did she know what was happening. That night is when what is haunting them decides to come out. Veronica is trying her best to save all her siblings, so they are running outside and she thinks she has her little brother. When they get outside, she notices he was never in her arms. She runs back to the apartment and tries to find him and save him, but she gets possessed. The police come in the room and find Antonito in the closet covering his ears while Veronica is bent in an odd way being possessed. This is my favorite part because after that she dies as soon as something starts burning her picture in a picture frame. That blows my mind because that’s really crazy to actually experience.

People should care about this movie because it’s really good, and it’s also based on true events. It not only informs the viewers about what happened; it is also entertaining. It keeps the viewer wanting to watch more of it. There are almost no jump scares.

Featured Image (at the top of this post): “Veronica” is a horror movie worth watching. PHOTO CREDIT: Netflix

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