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“ARK: Survival Evolved” is a good game

By Henry Pierce

Staff Writer

“ARK: Survival Evolved” is a video game available for PC/Mac, Xbox 1, PS 4, Android/IOS, and Nintendo Switch.

In “ARK: Survival Evolved,” you are the main character in the game. You explore a strange island filled with prehistoric animals and plants from different prehistoric time periods, and you recover artifacts from other explorers who have long since died. There is a multiplayer component to the game too, but it is not necessary to play. When playing multiplayer there are three options: PVP (player versus player), PVE (player versus environment) or PVX (some parts of the map have areas where you can kill players and some do not).

In multiplayer mode, you can make a tribe with up to 10 players. In a tribe, people can cooperate and help each other and split tasks of gathering resources, taming dinos and defending your base. There is also a tame limit (the maximum amount of tamed dinosaurs you can have) and the number rises by ten each tribe mate you have. The best way to play the game though is honestly up to the player’s preference over PC or console.

On console, it is difficult to immerse yourself in the game when you are far from the screen. But more experienced console players might prefer this version because they are used to the controls and it is more immersive for them. Also, player movability is more restricted for a console, which can be a good or bad thing depending on the player’s preference.

On PC/Mac it is the normal WASD/mouse controls, and it feels smooth. I like this version a lot because the smoother the controls are, the faster you get used to them and the more immersive the game is. The WASD controls are also easy to get used to and may be a good choice for a beginner. 

On mobile, it is kind of hard to get used to because they are unique compared to other mobile games. But, when you do, it feels really smooth. Personally, the mobile controls are my favorite because of my previous experience with an iPad, which made me more used to the controls.

The storyline of “ARK” is pretty straightforward. You are on a strange island with no memory of how you got there, and, as you explore, you start to find things that suggest you’re not the first one to do this. As you explore, you start to find notes and ruins from people that lived before you. The notes also foreshadow boss fights down the road and somewhat help you prepare. You can also play the game without following the story because the game doesn’t shove the story in your face.

PVP is the worst mode of “ARK: Survival Evolved” by far. It is an island infested with people looking to do as much damage to you and each other as possible. Essentially, it is anarchy but everyone has a motive for violence (they want your stuff). Although I personally do not like this mode; if you have a lot of free time, this mode would be pretty fun. 

The reason for this is when you log off, your in-game body falls asleep and is super vulnerable to any attacks, so you need to spend a lot of time making a base and taming some defensive animals that can protect you while you sleep. Raiding people in PVP mode can be extremely fun and is the reason most people play the game at all. Also, if you have a large tribe PVP can be fun because you can have strength in numbers.

PVE is pretty fun because it has other players but there is no killing (at least between the players, dinos can still kill you), it is very cooperative and people are nicer and collaborate instead of destroying. The reason I like this mode is the fact that, instead of killing people for profit, people are inclined to trade and be productive rather than destructive.

In my opinion, PVX is the best mode. There are some parts of the island that are PVP (people can kill each other) and some that are PVE (you can build a house and live safely). In PVP areas there are more valuable resources and stronger animals which give people a reason to enter. The reason this mode is so great is that you can be safe if you want, but if you want some excitement you can go back to the PVE area.

Single-player is a good mode because it is just you with the whole island to yourself, so you don’t have to deal with other aggressive people. The downside of single-player mode is you do not get to interact with other people and trade for stuff.

Overall “ARK” is a great game. In PVP mode you can use raw skills and strategy to take over the island. In PVE mode you can create a business and trade your way to the top. In PVX you can do either one or both if you decide. In single-player you are already in control of the island. Regardless of what mode you choose, the game offers entertaining options. 

Featured image (at the top of the post): This image shows “Ark Survival Evolved” gameplay. PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr

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