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The psychological thriller “You” is worth your time

By Jae-Lyn Miranda

Staff Writer

The Netflix show “You” has caught 40 million people interested in this thriller by all the shocking twists during some episodes. “You” is a psychological thriller TV series created by Greg Berlanti; the show’s cast contains these as main characters: Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti and Ambyr Childers.


“You” follows a male bookstore manager, Joe (Penn Badgley), who would do anything for love — he would get rid of anything that’s in his way (including people) for love. He uses social media and the internet to find “the one” for him. 

“You” was previously shown on the network Lifetime and streamed on Netflix. Since then, “You” now streams on Netflix exclusively.

This show is based on the novel, “You” by Caroline Kepnes and the novel became a hit since the psychological thriller TV series came out on Netflix. Kepnes also did a sequel to “You,” called, “Hidden Bodies” which the second season of the show is based on where Joe goes West to find his ex-girlfriend, Amy (Ambyr Childers). He does not go to LA to get back with her, he goes to LA because he’s going to murder her for breaking his heart and stealing his rare books. The novel “You” became a hit since the TV series came out, achieving an average of 90% Rotten Tomatoes and an average of 81% audience score.

Gregory Berlanti is an American writer, producer and film director. Berlanti went to Rye High School, studied at Northwestern University, and went on to join the Warner Brothers family, worked as a writer-producer for “Jack and Bobby,” “Everwood,” and “Dawson’s Creek.”

Berlanti started his career writing an LGBTQ+ comedy called “Broken Hearts Club.” He writes it as he gets inspiration from his circle of West Hollywood friends. In 2002, he was the creator and executive producer of the “Everwood” series. He later produced the “Brothers & Sisters.”

In 2012, he was considered a successful producer and screenwriter for multiple  TV series, including Arrow spin-off, “The Flash,” as well as “Legends of Tomorrow,” and “Supergirl,” a crossover episode with the previously mentioned “The Flash.” Following his success as a producer and screenwriter, he chose to produce a show based on the novel, “You.”

This Netflix series, “You,” has surpassed many of his shows both in popularity and critics reactions, Berlanti thought this show wouldn’t succeed, and believed his Lifetime show was a failure after Netflix bought his show for their company to own. Once he saw “You” blowing up, he was ecstatic since something he thought would fail turned out to succeed.

“You” DOES contain blood, so if you have hemophobia (fear of blood), or you’re just disgusted by gore, then I wouldn’t recommend watching this show. In some episodes, it does contain murder, and that might make the audience a bit appalled. 

This series has been getting a lot of attention lately, and many people are waiting on some upcoming seasons. The seasons come out every year it also hasn’t been translated into different languages yet, so that’s another downside of the show.

Although, Caroline Kepnes’ novel, “You,” has been translated into 19 different languages since the Netflix series, “You” is based off of the novel, so you could also read it if you don’t understand English.

The series will also leave the audience confused, since Joe leaves a trail of evidence every time he murders anyone, and everyone would have thought that he would be locked up already. The police have gotten evidence but never caught Joe being the murderer.

Since everyone’s attention is on “You,” many people must have been chatting about it. There is a TON of shockers in the show and you never know what will happen, it gets you wanting more of the show, the more you watch, the more you get interested. 

All in all, I would recommend everyone to watch “You.” The series is quite interesting, it has many cliffhangers and is so detailed and that it makes you want more. People should care about this show because it’s so interesting to see how someone will do anything — ANYTHING for love.

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