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New “Animal Crossing” game improves concepts

By Emily Nguyen
Staff Writer

“Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” a new game being released on March 20, has been awarded the review score of 38/40, which is the third-highest Switch review score for a Japanese game.

“Animal Crossing” has released many games and is one of Nintendo’s unique and cute game series. “Animal Crossing” is a life simulator as well as a town builder that is played in real-time. The game has improved in character design, concepts and ideas.

“Animal Crossing: New Leaf,” released in 2012, allows you to control a town populated by animals, which over time grows and adapts to your style and decisions.

The latest game, “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” includes a more detailed character creation than the past game “New Leaf.”

“New Leaf” would decide what players’ character would look like based on a series of questions. The skin color customization in the past was very limited.

The detailed creation in “New Horizons” is definitely an improvement and the “Animal Crossing” fan base is relieved that they can finally have character customization.

“Animal Crossing” is a game that is long-term and that you won’t get bored of; it’s not a game where you can finish in a couple of hours. It’s something you can play every day. There’s always something you can do in the game that will keep you occupied, such as catching bugs and fish, collecting items and exploring the game.

The concept of the game is that it is working in real time. For example if you get a house extension it will be ready tomorrow (in real-life time). The real-time experience makes the game unique as shops, bugs, and fish tie to the day and night concept.

The real-time experience makes the game unique, but “New Horizons” goes even further implementing real-time seasons. There are certain months and events and certain animals can be captured during that time period.

The game tracks public holidays and special events, and it includes many features such as challenges like doing tasks from villagers. New features allow you to visit the island along with other players.

“New Horizons” multiplayer mode allows eight players to live on an island together. Multiplayer allows people to play together and contribute to each other’s islands. The multiplayer concepts allows players to play mini games together, explore their islands, and speak with their villagers.

“New Horizon” has enabled more tools and concepts making it more interesting and more progressive. The game includes more options to design shirts, buildings, etc., enabling the creativeness and experiences of the user. The game is unique because of its open world concept, the ability to control the design of your towns and the unlimited options you have in the game.

In the past “Animal Crossing” players were not allowed to design buildings or customize characters. With the new game coming out, players are excited about the new concepts allowing them to be more creative in the game.

Game designers have included many ideas such as more tools and ways you can progress in the game. This is an improvement from the past game “New Leaf,” where players were limited by certain tools and were able to travel anywhere in the game without any progression. The progression concept in the new game enables the game to be more interesting and creates a role play game dynamic.

With many ideas and creative concepts, the game is very entertaining. “New Horizon” allows the player to build an emotional connection with the game, and it is overall a engrossing game to play.

Featured Image (at the top of this post): The newest “Animal Crossing” game will be available on Switch starting March 20. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

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