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Summer Walker’s songs can get girls “in their feelings”

By Dania Zamudio

Staff Writer

R&B singer Summer Walker is barely 23 years old, but her record has become one of the most streamed albums by female fans all over the place. Walker’s album “Over It” came out on Oct. 4, 2019. As noted by Fader, it became “the most streamed R&B album by a woman artist of all time. That record previously belonged to Beyoncé’s Lemonade when it dropped in 2016.” People should care about the album because it’s really good, and all the songs are different. You don’t hear a lot of songs like hers. She has a really nice voice, and it’s clear. Her voice doesn’t crack, and it doesn’t sound dry. 

Walker’s songs are R&B. These songs can get girls “in their feelings.” They relate to how a lot of people are feeling because of a relationship with someone. 

Walker also did a really good album in 2018 titled “Last Day of Summer.” That album was very gloomy and slow and sad. It was still pretty good though. 

Her “Over It” album achieves its purpose because it’s really quality; it’s a little more upbeat, but still has a good amount of slow songs and smooth rhythms. Her voice sounds really nice and soft. She was also an upcoming artist, and she received a lot of attention from this album. 

Some of the songs on the “Over It” album are:

“Playing Games”

The song “Playing Games” by Summer Walker is about how she feels unappreciated by her significant other. She says “playing games” because he doesn’t do enough for the relationship, doesn’t put in much effort or affection anymore and hints he is cheating. 

“Fun Girl”

In the song “Fun Girl,” she’s singing about how some of the nicest people get hurt the most and suffer the most. Then she goes on singing about how people don’t want to be with her because she knows what she wants and knows how she’s supposed to be treated. 


In the song “Me.” she sings about she was giving her all to a person but they weren’t giving anything back. In the song, her significant other is not wanting to spend any money or time on her, and she gets upset about that. Since that happened, she sings towards the end that she doesn’t want any relationships anymore because she doesn’t want to get hurt again. 

“I’ll Kill You”

The song “I’ll Kill You” is one of the last songs on the album. It’s about how she’s sort of a jealous girlfriend but only because she has a lot of love for this person. She loves this person a lot, and she doesn’t want him to end up cheating on her. She indicates in the song that she would want to hurt someone for him.

“Drunk Dialing… LODT”

The last song is “Drunk Dialing… LODT” by Summer Walker. It’s one of my favorites, in part because of the rhythm. She sings about how she drank too much and she wanted to call her ex. In the song, she also says that she knows that he isn’t good for her. 
People should care about “Over It” because it was a really good album. When you play it, it gives out a good vibe and it sounds really nice. There’s nothing bad about it to me. All the songs sound different and they say different things, unlike many other artists in their music. 

Featured image (at the top of the post): Summer Walker’s “Over It” has received universal acclaim from fans and critics alike   PHOTO CREDIT: Flickr

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