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Video Production teaches students skills in preparation for future careers

By Adrian Pescatore

Staff Writer

Video Production is a class that a lot of people are interested in doing. There are many different things you can do in the class, like being a director, actor, editor, or slater. Being a director is directing the actors on what to do in the film and reminding them what their lines are and such. Being an actor is acting out the scene. Being an editor is editing the video to post on YouTube. Being a slater would entail holding a slate, and with a marker documenting the roll count, the number of takes, who the director is, and the camera being used.

Video Production teacher Vincent Nelson
PHOTO CREDIT: Adrian Pescatore

Video Production teacher Vincent Nelson said his goal was to make the students learn how to make something enticing: “To deliver a message. That’ll be the most important thing.” Mr. Nelson teaches his Video Production class “with a lot of resources, a lot of planning, a lot of long nights, all that kind of stuff.”

See below for an interview with Video Production teacher Vincent Nelson:

Video Production students said they’ve found value in the course projects. Rainier freshman Jose Cervantes said his favorite thing to do in Video Production is learning how to be a director and how to write a script. He also expanded on his favorite projects: “My favorite project I’ve done so far was probably between the music video or the PSA one.” Cervantes has also learned a lot of skills during his time in Video Production. “I learned how to better edit my videos, better use different camera angles, and make scripts.”

Video Production student Jose Cervantes
PHOTO CREDIT: Adrian Pescatore

See below for an interview with Rainier freshman Jose Cervantes:

Rainier junior Allison Kobayashi explained that her favorite project in Video Production was one where she was able to write a script and then act it out. “For Video Production, when I was a freshman was probably one of the ones where we were able to write a script and then film that.” Kobayashi also expanded on how Video Production can help her ideal career in the future: “I am thinking of majoring in music education, which means I’d be using probably a lot of the skills on the sound side of Video Production.”

Video Production student Allison Kobayashi
PHOTO CREDIT: Adrian Pescatore

See below for an interview with Rainier junior Allison Kobayashi:

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