Rainer students report stress related to the college application process

By Sean Moser 

Staff Writer 

When asked what is most stressful for people applying to college, Rainier junior Abraham Rios said, “Applying and then being ready to take standardized tests like the SAT or ACT.” Many students in the Rainier community, as well as in the United States, feel stressed because of the college application process.

College Readiness teacher Maria Munoz Yepez gave her take on how applying for college is stressful for the students. She said a lot of it comes from the SAT test or writing the essay. Ms. Yepez explained, “I see the essay portion being the most difficult because it is hard for students to talk about parts of their lives.” 

Along with standardized tests, college applications are very difficult because they force students outside of their comfort zone. One important factor is a family’s financial situation, and their financial needs might cause confusion when applying for financial aid.  College Readiness teacher Joseph Hughes said, “I think a lot of students would like financial aid. But, they’re not sure how much financial aid is needed.”

The College Readiness teachers also try to focus on each student’s needs because not every student wants to go to college. Some want to pursue a different life goal, and some of their choices are trade school or a two-year college. ”For me personally, and I don’t really plan on going to, like, a four-year college, I was thinking maybe, like, a two-year kind of thing in associates,” Rios said. 

According to the New York Times, “Colleges themselves have widely diverging views on what makes an ideal applicant. It’s a widespread misconception that applicants have an automatic right to be admitted to the school.” Students strive to be the perfect applicants for their dream colleges. However, those idealistic plans can cover up the stress of becoming a good applicant.

“I find it very difficult to teach this class, mostly because, like, everybody is in different places, and they want different things after high school,” Mr. Hughes said. College Readiness classes help students think about their life after high school. However, the hardest thing for students can be living up to a certain standard. The most stressful part is judging students’ unique circumstances within their lives that determine college application outcomes.

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