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Denali journalism students take on leadership positions in the newsroom

By Ellen Hu

Denali Editor-in-Chief

At Summit Denali High School, there is always a story to cover. Whether it be teacher turnover or new school traditions, Summit News staff writers at the Denali site have a variety of topics to write about.

The 2019-20 school year marks the first year that Summit Denali High School offers Advanced Multimedia Political Journalism as an Expeditions course. Students who take the new class must complete the introductory course (Multimedia Political Journalism) and work through an independent study contract.

The student journalists at the site are led by Denali senior and Editor-in-Chief Ellen Hu, Denali sophomore and Multimedia Editor Mark Haiko, Denali sophomore and News Editor Angela Hwang and Denali junior and Opinion Editor Evangeline Si with additional oversight from adviser Elizabeth DeOrnellas.

Advanced Multimedia Political Journalism students take on leadership roles in the classroom through each round of Expeditions at Denali. Throughout the course of each round, the student editors help introductory students write their articles while producing their own work. The process often consists of brainstorming article topics, doing background research, conducting interviews, taking photos or video,  writing the article and editing.

Watch the video below to see a video of Denali Editor-in-Chief Ellen Hu in action:

FEATURED IMAGE (at top of post):  Denali Multimedia Editor Mark Haiko helps Summit News Staff Writers and sophomores Louis Park and Andrew Larkins understand how to use a DSLR camera.

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