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Stanford students feel affected by The Daily

By Kai Lock

Prep Editor-in-Chief

The Stanford Newspaper, also known as The Stanford Daily, is known for its relevancy and impact on the school’s campus. Students who read through the paper find it to be powerful for students’ voices. In fact, some agree that the impact drives students to speak out on campus.

Summit Prep’s student journalists interviewed different students around campus and asked what their thoughts were on The Stanford Daily.

Of the students who were interviewed, the majority were familiar with the paper but admitted to infrequently reading it.

A Stanford senior student, who requested to be named solely by their first name, Shuvan, said he “occasionally” read The Stanford Daily.

Other students said they were very familiar with The Stanford Daily and were glad to talk about the influence it has on Stanford.

A first-year grad student, who requested to be named solely by their first name, Serage, elaborated on how he believes the paper is a great outlet to express students’ concerns.

“[The Stanford Daily] tells the students that if there’s something, and this is very important, if there’s something that they’re struggling with or they want a voice that they have a median for which they can channel those concerns.”

Serage also appreciates how the paper impacts the administration’s views on certain student resources, adding to the value of student voices.

“For example, I read an article about the scarcity of mental health resources. So such an article, first of all, opens the eyes of the administration.”

The Stanford Daily publishes their paper throughout the week, excluding the weekend, and continues to inspire students all over campus.

Featured Image (at the top of this post): Summit Prep journalism students visit The Stanford Daily newsroom. PHOTO CREDIT: Jon Garvin

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