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School sports impact the building of community at Summit Prep

By Rosie Esteverena

Staff Writer

School sports are one of the ways that Summit Prep builds community for its students. Prep’s sports teams help students have a fun outlet, and they are a great way for students to connect. 

Sports at Prep are very important to the team members, students and staff. People care a lot about school sports because they are a way for everyone to connect and have fun together. 

One of the most important things about school sports at Prep is the community that is built with the team. Being in a group of people with the same goal and passion can bring people together in a special way. This is just one of the reasons school sports are such a fun way to build community with fellow classmates.

Prep freshman Gisselle Paguela


For many students, playing sports is a way to show support for their school. Prep freshman Gisselle Pagulea Solas said, “Playing school sports is important because it is a way to show school spirit.” 

Prep freshman Amy Contrera

Although the school sports teams are mainly based around the sports and winning games for the school, the relationships and friendships that are built are as, or even more, important. Another Prep freshman, Amy Contreras, said, “I think it is a way for people to come together and become a family with sports.”


Prep freshman Chris Espino

Not only do school sports bring people together and build the community that students pride themselves on here at Prep, they also motivate the players to do better at school and in life. When asked about one of his inspirations in sports, Prep freshman and basketball player Chris Espino said, “My inspiration is Tiger Woods because of his work ethic.”

Students who play school sports gain great experience and qualities that the traditional high schooler won’t. The friendships built can last a lifetime. They can give students an opportunity to become friends with people they wouldn’t ordinarily.

Students who are new and shy and don’t know anyone can have a hard time making friends. It is scary to be in a new place and not know anyone. School sports can be a great place to meet people and make friends. 

A Summit Prep player shoots a layup during a girls JV basketball game. PHOTO CREDIT: Rosie Esteverena

Another benefit  to school sports is academics. Students are required to be passing certain classes. If they are failing more than two classes they can’t play. This is a great motivator for students to do better in school.

Espino said, “For freshmen, you can only be off track in two classes. It makes me work hard because even if we aren’t eligible to play it is fun, and I would rather be on the court then the bench.” This shows that the school works hard to keep students active and doing well in school.


The Grand Room at Summit Prep is the site of study hall. PHOTO CREDIT: Rosie Esteverena

The community that has been built at Prep is one of many ages and backgrounds. It is nice for students to have another group to relate to and to hang out with. They all share a common interest so it can be nice for them.

Espino also said, “Before games, we meet up and we practice a bit and get warmed up. Then we have a pep talk with our coach to get us ready.” This also shows that the sports teams at Prep are all about teamwork and getting prepared together.

Contreras said, “I think having people around you that like the same sport as you and who are motivated to play the same sport as you definitely helps students want to join sports teams.” This shows that school sports bring community to the school and help kids to feel included.

Espino also said, “Playing sports is good because it kind of gives you a break almost from school that is nice.” This shows even more that school sports are important because it gives students a chance to relieve stress and relax with people they share a common interest with. 

The girls varsity baskeball team poses after a game. PHOTO CREDIT: Gisselle Panguela

Panguela said, “Playing sports gives athletes team building sports for their lives.” It is clear that at Prep students take sports seriously and the relationships and communities that are built are ones that will last. 

Featured Image (at the top of this post): The Summit Prep boys varsity basketball team poses after a game. PHOTO CREDIT: Gisselle Panguela

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